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What Makes MenoClear™ The Most Effective Solution for Menopause?

Doctor Formulated, MenoClear™ is the most complete, day & night, solution for fast and effective menopause relief. MenoClear™ is a breakthrough solution that effectively combines extensively researched ingredients with more recent scientific discoveries, such as Ammonium Succinate and Protykin® to give a complete all-in-one solution to your symptoms. You no longer have to take multiple pills for your Menopause - MenoClear has you covered.

Most menopause systems either contain just a few ingredients known to combat symptoms, yet lack in succinate and other high potency ingredients or have a succinate base but lack in key ingredients known to combat symptoms. Only MenoClear™ has them all. We recommend you carefully review the ingredients of your menopause supplement and compare it to MenoClear. You'll see the difference.

MenoClear™ is The Most Effective Solution Available.

  • Hot Flashes
  • Mood Swings
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Decreased Libido
  • Irritability
  • Night Sweats
  • Inability to Sleep

MenoClear™: Safe & Effective Relief in just 2-3 days.

You want something that works fast, without the side effects or health risks associated with hormone replacement therapy. With MenoClear most women begin to feel the effects in just 2-3 days. MenoClear helps regulate the body's hormonal balance. The ingredients in MenoClear™ have been shown to provide support for a wide range of symptoms, including hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, lack of concentration, decreased libido, irritability, night sweats and inability to sleep.

Complete 24 hour Relief with a Unique Day & Night Formula.

Only MenoClear acts to stabilize the body's hormonal balance with its unique multi-facetted approach. The powerful ingredients in MenoClear work around the clock to give coverage both during the day and night. The reason why MenoClear comes in a night and day formula is because your body acts differently at different times of the day.

MenoClear™ Works at All Phases of Menopause.

MenoClear can help regardless of if you are experiencing serious symptoms of menopause or just the beginning stages of menopause. Taken regularly during or after menopause, MenoClear supports optimal endocrine, circulatory and skeletal health. If you are to do just one thing for your menopause, this is it.

Testimonials: What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

Comment by: Shawna L.
"I feel like a new person after taking MenoClear! The hotflashes stopped and I was able to sleep through the night. I feel great. Thank you MenoClear.."

Comment by: Rebecca S.
"In March I turn 50. Before I used Menoclear, I was not looking forward to it. I started having hot flashes 2 years ago, and they have only gotten worse. But thanks to Menoclear I am not embarrassed to go out. Thank you for your help."

Comment by: Marianne P.
"Wow, it really worked. I have been suffering a long time, tried everything, and this is the first thing that actually made me feel normal again."

Comment by:  Julie L.
"Thank you for all you help. Anyone who suffers from Menopause can attest to the fact that is darn uncomfortable. But with Menoclear, I am not suffering anymore, and I don’t have the aches and pains, the mood swings and some of the more personal problems anymore. Thank you"

Comment by: Jeanne M.
"Nothing is worse than menopause. I thought child birth was bad, but at least it was over in a few hours, Menopause lasts forever!!!! I was having hot flashes (power surges) every hour, night sweats a few times a night, severe depression, and vaginal dryness. All of which were wreaking havoc on my marriage.  My girlfriend said she had gone on the internet and found Menoclear. It worked for her, and WOW it worked for me too! Thank you for giving me my life and my marriage back."

Comment by: Jill
"Thank you MenoClear. What a great thing you have done for women like me!!! At the age of 50, I was a hard working administrator. I had many meetings to attend, and how embarrassing they were, to sit there with my ice water, fan, and starting to sweat at the more inopportune moments. I wanted to crawl under the table when beads of sweat rolled down my face and neck. But there was nothing I could do. I tried soy milk shares and all kinds of concoctions from the health food store. But nothing really worked. I was doomed to look like something was wrong with me. But then a friend told me she had tried MenoClear and how great it was. And it is: thank you for all your help!!"

Comment by: Martha V.
"It is so nice to deal with someone, and especially a company, that understand what we are going through. The woman at customer service sounded like she had been there herself, so she was great in understanding my concerns. And when she promised it would work, I believed her, and besides she said I could get my money back if it did not. Well, MenoClear really does work. In a short time my hot flashes were barely noticeable, night sweats were gone, and my mood was normal again. Thank you for all your help."

Comment by: Joseph E.
"My wife suffered terribly from menopause. She was not her usual self. She would cry for no reason, yell at me if I looked at her wrong.  And she was always miserable. She was hot in the dead of winter, and wanted to sleep with the window open when there was snow on the ground. She doesn’t use the computer, so I searched for something that could help her. And since your product had a money back guarantee, I thought I would get it for her. It worked really fast and she is now the nice woman I married 30 years ago. Your product really works!"

Comment by: Beatrice C.
"Have you seen the play, Menopause: The Musical? I laughed my head off, it was so funny. And it showed women like me, and all the suffering we go through during menopause. I think men suffer too, not from the symptoms, but from how bad their wife’s reactions can be. But those days are gone.  MenoClear fixed it for me! Thank you, MenoClear..."

Comment by: Claire D.
"I will never go without my daily dose of MenoClear. It works so well. I was suffering from every menopause symptom under the sun, and a few no one had heard of!! It was so bad, I started taking Prozac. But in just a week, I was already feeling better, and in 2 weeks, I was feeling great with MenoClear. Thank you for such a wonderful aide to us mature women. "

Comment by: Blanch R.
"Women my age are supposed to be nice, kind and maybe even submissive.  Well, I was nice and kind until a few years ago, when Menopause struck!! I became impossible to live with, not only for my family, but for me. I hated the person I became, but I could not control the moods no matter how hard I tried.  One day I was sitting at my computer and I was researching Menopause to see if other women were like me, and I found your product. I figured that if it was even half as good as it claimed, I would be happy.  Well, MenoClear did live up to its promises and I am back to the old me again."

Comment by: Milton T.
"I just wanted my wife back. Some evil spirit had taken over and she was someone I did not know. A friend told me that the same thing happened to his wife after she turned 50. So, together we sat to my computer and looked up menopause. It seems we are not alone. Many women suffer from all kinds of problems, and that also affects their families. When we saw that there was help for this condition, we jumped on the chance. Both of our wives started taking Menoclear at the same time, and both of us got our wives back. Thank you."

Comment by: Suzie S.
"When I called customer service to reorder and to say thank you, the lady answering was so nice.  She was genuinely happy for me. I have never experienced anything like hot flashes before. And it was embarrassing and uncomfortable.  I was afraid to go to work, not knowing when I would have another embarrassing moment.  But MenoClear really works and I don’t worry about those things anymore. Thank you for all your help."

Comment by: Susan Y.
"So there I sat. Everyone had their coats on, drinking hot tea and asking to turn up the heater. Not me. I sat there with my cute paper fan (I got it in China Town), drinking iced tea with extra ice. And really wanted to strip off my shirt, but knew that was not acceptable behavior. And at night, I would wake up, change the sheets at least 2 times a night, and never felt rested in the morning. Oh, did I mention my mood swings? You think PMS is bad; it ain’t got nothin’ on menopausal mood swings. I could be a kitty cat one minute, and bite your head off the next. But, my life is a little less exciting now that I have Menoclear.  Very seldom do I get hot flashes, and never get night sweats anymore, and I am even of normal mood. Thanks to you, l am a nice person again!!"

Comment by: Mary Jane C.
"I guess it is no laughing matter, but if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Getting old is no fun. Bones start to ache, hair comes out of your chin, sex is not fun anymore, and you gain weight just looking at food. But the worst part, for me, was breaking out in a cold sweat in the middle of a party or when I just was standing there talking to someone. Even a fan did not help. And changing my sheets at night was no joy either.  But once I found MenoClear all that changed. My sheets stay dry, I can talk to people without fear of embarrassment (well, I may say something stupid!), and I can drink hot tea again!! Thank you for helping this old lady feel young again."